Usenet Academy

was ist das usenet 2You are new to Usenet and not really familiar with how and many terms? Then you are right in the Usenet Academy. The Usenet Academy deals with the basic concepts and themes from the great empire of the Usenet. Helpful explanations help you get started to Usenet. In addition, see the glossary key terms summarized at a glance. Inform yourself. About Usenet, newsgroups, providers and newsreaders In the Usenet Academy no questions remain unanswered!

What is the Usenet?

Where the Internet stops, Usenet is just beginning. But what is the Usenet exactly how it works, how to get into it and I can now make concrete in it? These are the questions that should be answered herein below. [read more]

What are newsgroups?

The newsgroups are the real “treasure” of the Usenet. Here there is an incredible wealth of information and data. More questions about the topic newsgroups are answered here below. [read more]

What are Usenet providers?

Is regulated similarly to the access to the Internet via a provider, as well as the access to the Usenet is only possible through an appropriate provider. In analogy with the Internet providers just as there are many Usenet providers. [read more]

What are newsreaders?

To delve into the Usenet, users need not only your access additional or special software. Just as the Internet, a special browser is therefore necessary in the Usenet. The “Usenet Browser” is also called a news reader. [read more]

Usenet glossary

Check out all the key terms at a glance. [read more]